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Wholesale Jewelry

Small businesses looking to offer costume jewelry to their customers have to love the internet. More and more, it has made it possible for almost anyone in the world to access sources for wholesale costume jewelry, like any other product, without having to make expensive stock acquisitions trips or travel to various warehouses across the country. From the comfort of your home, even a small business owner just starting out can find dozens if not hundreds of sources of wholesale costume jewelry on the internet, and can order it with the click of a button.

Buying wholesale costume jewelry on the web does, however, require a *thorough* knowledge of the subject, since wholesale costume jewelry is not as simple as purchasing plastic jewelry from companies in China or Taiwan. Costume jewelry is its own brand of elegance, and while it may sometimes employ plastic--more often bakelite or other similar materials--rhinestones can sometimes cost more than emeralds, and austrian crystals can sometimes cost more than diamonds. When we think of costume jewelry, it's easy to think 'cheap and tawdry', but, in fact, it is not, and those who are using the internet to purchase wholesale costume jewelry must know what they are looking for to begin with. It is essential.

A quick and simple Google search will turn up many resources for purchasing wholesale costume jewelry, and from there, the normal rules for Internet purchasing apply; know what you want before you buy; ask questions if you're not sure about something; don't order from a company if you can't find an easy way to contact them with questions; pay attention to the little voice in your head that warns you when something doesn't sound right; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Contrary to popular belief, the internet is *not* one big scamfest; there are responsible vendors out there who want to do honest, above-board business with you. The trick is simply knowing how to find them. And once you get that knack down, there is no better place than the internet for finding wholesale jewelry.

Fine Retail Jewelry Guide 2009-18