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Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry has always had a large following; high school sweethearts engrave each others' names on rings or necklaces or lockets; best friends in middle school make keychains with 'Friends Forever' on them. And adults, especially women, love to get jewelry that was made especially for them from their children or significant other. Custom jewelry supplies run the gauntlet from square plastic beads with letters on them that can be strung together to make a name, a word, or a phrase, to expensive jewelry sets with birthstones or other distinctive pieces that can be strung onto real gold or silver wire, and made into a tasteful and elegant piece of jewelry.

Custom jewelry sets for children are perhaps the most popular jewelry items; little girls love sharing slumber parties by making jewelry, and jewelry made in this way makes excellent gifts for one child to give to another, or for a child to give to their mother, grandmother, teacher, or other important women in their lives. Additionally, however, the kits for making custom jewelry make excellent gifts for adults to give to children, which would perhaps explain in large part their popularity. The expensive 'real jewel' custom jewelry sets are much less popular, no doubt because adults are less fond of expressing their creativity in jewelry making. Easier, no doubt, to simply buy a piece of jewelry that fits their exact needs and tastes.

Finding custom jewelry supplies is not difficult, especially if you are looking for the plastic bead jewelry sets for children; almost every major retailer carries them in some shape or form. As noted before, a custom jewelry kit does make an excellent gift for little girls, and it frequently becomes the gift that keeps on giving, as girls create jewelry and then pass it on to other girls and women in their lives.

Fine Retail Jewelry Guide 2009-18