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Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is an extraordinary type of accessory that is rich in meaning and history. Although Celtic jewelry has been existent since around 2000 BC, its popularity never diminished in the fashion industry through the centuries. In fact, the popularity of this jewelry continues to grow even today because its appeal transcends age, gender and even culture.

It is undeniable that the stunning beauty of this jewelry is one of the reasons for its extreme popularity. However, those who know the history of the Celtic people do appreciate Celtic style of jewelry a little bit more than the rest.

The Celts settled in Ireland centuries ago. It was very evident among the Celts that they were born with a sense of exotic style and highly creative craftsmanship. The Celts would soon be renowned for jewelry making using gold and silver, and their merchandise have been deemed as not just striking, but also rich in meaning and history.

Among the different types of this jewelry are the exotic crosses and bracelets. The Irish consumers patronized the exotic style of the Celts and would soon spread the fashion style across the world.

The Irish people also helped spreading the rich meaning and history in the Celt jewelry. One of the most symbolic Celtic jewelry items is the Claddagh ring. The Irish are familiar with it, because it is a symbol of devotion to your loved one or friend. Some New Age believers would even use the Claddagh ring as their wedding band.

Across the world today, different nations with different beliefs are embracing Celtic jewelry if only for its aesthetic and artistic value. Both men and women appreciate Celtic jewelry, and in fact, some items are even considered unisex. The most frequently selected Celtic styled jewelry items are stunning necklaces and bracelets.

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