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Body Jewelry

Random body piercing, loading down the body with enough body jewelry to set of airport metal detectors and annoy homeland security officers, is no longer a clear part of any recent fashion trend. However, in would be innacurate and even false to say that jewelry has completely lost or given up its place in the fashion industry. Body jewelry--and in this category we would include ear piercings, although we would certainly not focus on them--remains as much a part of fashion today as it has been, although in a slightly more toned down and understated way.

Certainly, covering every pierceable square inch of your body with body jewelry is not desirable, or even fashionable, any more. However, in at least one way, body jewelry is *more* a part of our fashion mind than ever before; pierced ears, noses, navels, and eyebrows are less frowned upon and more accepted, in the general fashion industry, than ever before. Excess is frowned upon, and may we never see those metal detector alarming days again. But it would be false to deduce from that that body piercing--again, not excluding earrings, but thinking of them as a minor part of jewelry--is no longer acceptable in fashion circles. This simply is not true.

In fact, as jewelry becomes more toned down and tasteful, it is possible that we will see an ever-greater acceptance of piercings in areas other than the ears. Certain piercings will probably never be really acceptable--it is to be hoped not, at any rate--but especially jewelry for the nose, tongue, eyebrows, chin, and navel will most likely become almost as common as pierced ears, especially as this jewelry becomes more understated, and less ostentatious. It will probably still be considered unusual and perhaps even vulgar to have all of these locations pierced, to have many piercings in each location, or to wear exceptionally large or flashy body jewelry. But even those may become more acceptable as the fashion industry becomes accustomed to the idea that body jewelry is most likely here to stay.

Fine Retail Jewelry Guide 2009-18