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Current Trends in Fashion Jewelry

Do you remember when fashion jewelry meant chains hanging from your clothes and metal studs everywhere it was possible to stick a bit of metal? If you do, then you have a long memory, because that was almost a year ago, and the fashion jewelry world has made a radical about-face in the time since then.
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More and more, fashion jewelry is leaning from the grunge / punk look to the more feminine but equally scary 'girly girl' look. Costume fashion jewelry is in; the more sparkly and elaborate, the better. Bakelite is out; rhinestones are coming into their own. If you go for a girly sort of look, then try layering sparkle on top of sparkle for a glittering array of jewelry and sure to bedazzle onlookers. Look for bracelets that sparkle, and don't be shy about wearing them on both wrists. Colored jewelry isn't forbidden, but stick with richer, darker colors; emerald rather than citrine, ruby rather than amethyst; and layer on the rhinestones or austrian crystals for a little extra sparkle. Avoid large chains for jewelry; small chains on necklaces and bracelets are better, and liquid silver is best of all.

For those who are totally not in to girly styles or fashion jewelry that dazzles--and blinds--onlookers, the trends seem to be leaning away from the almost masculine punk look and towards a chic understatement. If this is more your type, look for white or black pearls, single strand necklaces or single pearl earrings, or go for something classic, such as single stone diamond pendants or single stone earrings in diamond, emerald, or ruby. Remember that anything classic or classy will always be in style. Stay traditional, or add a little extra color to liven it up. If you're looking to make a statement, wear different but complimentary stones in necklaces and earrings; emeralds and sapphires, or topaz and citrine, for example.

Fine Retail Jewelry Guide 2009-18